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Pipeline to God Our Services:

Pipeline To God Counseling Services instills in children, adolescents, adults and families a sense of optimism, dignity and hope. We help clients "grow-through" the challenges we confront in everyday living. We offer a full range of services for emotionally and behaviorally challenged clients. Those services include:

Pipeline to God Intake and Mental/Behavioral Health Assessments

An initial prescreening interview to determine the client's eligibility for services. A licensed clinician assesses the client's individual functioning and needs when significant changes occur. The assessment includes psychosocial history, cultural and ethnic influences, presenting problems, diagnostic impressions, and treatment recommendations. After the assessment, Pipeline attempts to “match” the client with the appropriate therapist who would best effect positive change in the client’s circumstances.

Pipeline to God Behavioral Health Counseling

A licensed clinician provides time-limited, structured, face-to-face clinical counseling

Pipeline to God Trauma Focused Play Therapy

Our children's programs integrate various approaches to treating the whole child within the context of the current family situation. We use Play Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectical Behavioral, Solution Focused, Trauma and "deep wound" therapies where appropriate. The goal is to assist the client in replacing negative symptoms and behaviors with more helpful emotions to improve their social, emotional and adaptive functioning. A licensed clinician provides time-limited, structured, face-to-face trauma-focused clinical counseling.

Pipeline to God Abuse, Grief and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (TF-CBT)

A licensed clinician provides time-limited, structured, face-to-face, trauma-focused CBT clinical counseling.

Pipeline to God Family Domestic Violence Prevention and Treatment

(Child, Adolescent and Family Maltreatment Counseling) A licensed clinical counselor with expertise in the issues surrounding child and family maltreatment provides time-limited, structured, face-to-face individual, group or family clinical counseling.

Pipeline to God Couples, Marriage and Family Counseling (Trauma-Informed).

Healthy relationships require work - sometimes a lot of work. At Pipeline we work with our clients assisting them in developing the skills to recognize and resolve conflict in their relationships; we help them address infidelity, trust, forgiveness, anger and intimacy issues. Our emotions often get in the way of healing and prevent us from moving on. When your relationship is in crises we encourage you to make "informed decisions" not emotional choices on how to address the conflict. We work with clients who desire pre-marriage, marriage and couples or relationship counseling.

Pipeline to God Community Psychiatric Support Treatment (CPST)

CPST staff provide consumer-driven support services directed at monitoring, managing and stabilizing clients' psychiatric symptoms through linkage to resources, referrals, and outreach in the home environment and through school-based services. The CPST goal is to increase the clients' level of functioning.

Pipeline to God School-Based Prevention Services

Prevention Services are designed to provide mental health services that reduce the incidence, the prevalence or the severity of specific types of mental and emotional disturbances before the concern becomes a problem. Pipeline’s prevention services may include, (but are not limited to) ECMHC, working with the preschool administration, teaching staff or directly with the child and parent involved; we provide support in the private, charter and public school environments to assist school-age and teenage children and their families address the social and emotional concerns that trigger challenging behaviors and impact the potential of the child to succeed in school. Parents are required to play an active role in this process to effect lasting change.

Pipeline to God Consultation Services (School-Based and Otherwise)

Consultation is a formal and systematic exchange of information between Pipeline and the school or other identified agency. It is directed toward the development and improvement of individualized service plans and/or techniques involved in the delivery of mental health services. Consultation focuses on the clinical condition of the client in order to provide appropriate and timely behavioral health interventions, if appropriate.

Pipeline to God CARE: Child-Adult Relationship Enhancement Intervention

Relating to our children as they move into their teen and adolescent years often becomes more challenging and difficult for parents and caregivers. Often we feel like these pre-teens and adolescents have stopped listening and "we are talking to the hand" because our children appear to ignore us. Their peers seem to have more power than we do as caregivers. Our CARE program offers parents and caregivers additional skills in communicating with our young people that supports and generates respect on both parts.

Pipeline to God Teen Parent & Young Adult Power Parenting Support: A Domestic Violence Prevention Program

This program was designed for young, inexperienced mothers of children 0-5 years of age. It is a 4-6 week program that offers parenting skills for young parents with limited knowledge in parenting and who have few skills in managing disruptive and challenging behaviors in children. Pipeline offers basic skills in anger management (for the parent/caregiver). We introduce to the young parent the PRIDE Skills – the basic skills of PCIT in parenting: praising, reflecting, describing and enthusiastically responding to children. The intent is to reduce disruptive behaviors in children, increase self-esteem in both the child and the parent and ultimately support a closer relationship between the child and the caregiver. This is an evidenced-based treatment protocol, supporting some of the skills in PCIT.

Pipeline to God Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

We use PCIT as an effective treatment for very young children (typically 2.5 to 7 years) with disruptive behavior disorders. PCIT places emphasis on improving the quality of the parent-child relationship, increasing pro-social behaviors and decreasing the negative interactions that disrupt the school and home environments. We find that PCIT is an effective protocol with children who have experienced trauma through physical, sexual and emotional abuse; children on the Autism Spectrum of Disorders and with children experiencing Sensory Perception Disorders.

Pipeline to God Formational Counseling (Faith-based)

Many of our clients acknowledge their desire and need to seek counseling services that support a faith-based foundation. By its name, Pipeline To God acknowledges that there are many "pipelines" that direct a client’s path and ultimately lead toward emotional, physical and spiritual healing. We delight in assisting those clients who choose a find that faith-based pathway toward making healthy choices.

Pipeline to God Court Ordered Services

We work closely with a variety of agencies. The treatment protocols and the services offered to our clients at Pipeline are designed to meet both the clients' needs and remain in compliance with school, court and social service agency mandates.

Pipeline to God Crises Intervention

Although we do Crises Intervention, Pipeline To God is not a 24-hour agency. Emergency services are provided by calling Mobile Crises at: 216-623-6888; 216-696-KIDS; or the Local Police/Fire Department by dialing 911.

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