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Pipeline to God Our Programs

Pipeline Counseling and Behavioral Health Services (PTGC) is a leading provider in behavioral health care in the communities we service. Our treatment protocols are developed, implemented and monitored using evidenced-based, best practices that support change in the clients we service. We use a holistic approach to assist in developing and treating the "whole person." When asked, we offer faith-based services.

Our staff is culturally competent and dedicated to effectively servicing the needs of our clients. We have created our programs to address the special emotional needs of children, teens, adults and families.

We have a preventative approach to treatment. Pipeline services begin by identifying the concerns of children birth to 5 years of age in our Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Program – supporting the child’s physical and emotional development from birth. We challenge and we advocate for the child’s and the families’ changing needs as the child moves from birth through toddlerhood; into school-age; into the teen/adolescent years, and into the challenges of being a young adult. Our needs and our challenges change as we grow physically, emotionally and socially. Pipeline’s programs provide a safe place to develop the tools and skills to better manage our lives.

Pipeline to God ECMHC - Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation:

Our young children’s healthy social and emotional development is critical to school readiness and future success in their lives. The ECMHC program addresses the concerns of children 0 to 5 years of age. Although most children progress in their development without any significant challenges, the high rates of pre-school expulsion due to challenging behaviors is a growing concern. We work closely with the medical community, the school and the family, supporting a “continuity of care” environment to promote positive change. Working with primary care physicians assists us in identifying early physical developmental triggers that may impact early sensory, executive function diagnosis of social/emotional concerns.

We work with early childhood providers on the administrative and teaching levels; we support both the child and the parent/guardian on the family level to identify concerns and develop interventions to help caregivers better manage the challenging behaviors that trigger serious emotional distress. Early intervention has a direct and positive impact on the “School to Prison Pipeline.”

Pipeline to God PCIT - Parent-Child Interaction Therapy:

We use Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) as an effective, evidenced-based treatment protocol for very young children (typically 2 to 7 years) with disruptive behavior disorders. PCIT places emphasis on improving the quality of the parent-child relationship, increasing pro-social behaviors and decreasing the negative interactions that disrupt the school and home environments. We find that PCIT is an effective protocol with children who have experienced trauma through physical, sexual and emotional abuse; children on the Autism Spectrum of Disorders, children experiencing Sensory Perception Disorders, children diagnosed with ADHD and with children who are experiencing attachment concerns. It is an excellent treatment protocol for parents who desire additional skill in dealing with their young children. It is often the treatment of choice in court-ordered circumstances to assist in providing parenting skills.

Pipeline to God EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing:

EMDR is a breakthrough therapy with the special capacity to overcome the often devastating effects of psychological trauma. Its initial use was as an effective treatment for PTSD. Its use has been expanded to address other addictive and emotional concerns. Pipeline has therapists on staff who are trained in EMDR. We have found it especially useful in the treatment of trauma that children have experienced. EMDR is used with both our adult and child clients to effect positive change.

Pipeline to God Marriage and Relationship Counseling:

If we lived in a perfect world, we could find that special person and "live happily ever-after." However, healthy relationships require work - sometimes a lot of work. At Pipeline we work with our clients assisting them in developing the skills to recognize and resolve conflict in their relationships; we help them address infidelity, trust, forgiveness and intimacy issues. Our emotions and our anger often get in the way of healing and prevent us from moving forward. When your relationship is in crises we encourage you to make "informed decisions" not emotional choices on how to address the conflict. We work with clients who desire pre-marriage and marriage counseling; and we work with couples experiencing conflict that leads to unhealthy relationship issues that often triggers family conflict.

Pipeline to God Community Psychiatric Support Services (CPST):

This service is designed to provide community support and advocacy to children and adults diagnosed with an emotional disorder. CPST services assist the client to succeed in the home, school and community environments by identifying, accessing and advocating for needed services and supporting the client as they navigate difficult systems that may involve legal, school and/or county child and family services agencies.

Pipeline to God Family Programs

We specialize in working with at-risk families addressing parenting concerns and domestic violence; trauma related to violence, abuse and grief; parent-child conflict; Post Traumatic Stress(PTSD); Our Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Program assists families, teachers and school administrators in understanding needs and developing appropriate prevention techniques for our children. Adaptations in our treatment protocols identify and address trauma families in our military often face. We do family prevention and preservation - addressing a family's concerns BEFORE it becomes a chronic problem.

Pipeline to God Individual, Group and Family Counseling Services:

These services integrate systems such as family, school, or county and state (Jobs and Family Services) agencies and provide an approach to treating the whole person within the context of the current family situation. Several theoretical models are used including Play Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Trauma and Grief-Focused Recovery Therapy, EMDR and PCIT (Parent-Child Interaction Therapy). The goals are to improve social and emotional functioning and develop appropriate coping skills to increase the client's level of functioning. We accomplish this through individual, group and family counseling sessions where appropriate.

Pipeline to God Teen/Young Adult Parenting Program (for parents of children 0-7 years)

This program is designed to give the young mother/father/caregiver evidenced-based parenting skills designed to promote self-esteem in both the parent and the child; teach and promote an understanding of parenting roles and child development physically, socially and emotionally; decrease the defiant and oppositional behaviors of the child; increase compliance and enhance the relationship between parent and child and the family. It is much more than just a basic parenting skills course.

Pipeline to God CARE: Child-Adult Relationship Enhancement (for parents of children 8-18 years)

Relating to our children as they move into their teen and adolescent years often becomes more challenging and difficult for parents and caregivers. Often we feel like these teens have stopped listening and "we are talking to the hand" because our children appear to ignore us. Their peers seem to have more power than we do as caregivers. Our CARE program offers parents and caregivers additional skills in communicating with our young people that supports and generates respect on both parts.

Pipeline to God Women's Concerns:

For some women, life can feel like an impossible challenge. You may have thought, "I keep making mistakes and poor choices. I just can't seem to get it right." They struggle with family conflict, marriage or relationship issues. Single parenting can be tough and responsibilities on the job, at home and family stress can feel overwhelming. Simple decisions become difficult -- even impossible to make. And for some, the guilt and pain from the past prevent them from seeing or moving into their tomorrows. At Pipeline To God we use both clinical and, if appropriate, formational counseling (faith-based) treatment protocols to both challenge and assist each client.

Pipeline to God TCIT – Teacher-Child Interaction Training:

The TCIT Program at Pipeline has been adapted for preschool teachers and teachers in the early school-age classrooms. TCIT uses some of the foundational protocols in the evidenced-based PCIT therapy to assist teachers in better managing disruptive behaviors in the school setting through didactic training paired with live in-the-classroom coaching. The live coaching (the bug-in-the-ear device) allows us to partner with teachers to provide guidance and feedback. The emphasis is to first maximize great positive relationships followed by learning state-of-the-art techniques in shaping desired social and emotional behaviors in very young children. TCIT gives educators confidence and additional skills in behavior management so that teachers can again teach!

Pipeline to God Employee Assistance Programs (EAP):

Through a variety of Employee Assistance Programs, we assist our clients with short-term, solution-focused treatment protocols designed to address the behaviors that impact the workplace and are stumbling blocks to successfully completing job responsibilities. Those issues often overlap into home and family life.

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